Sunnypatch - Uv Stickers For Sunscreen

  • $17.00

자외선 차단제를 덧바를 수 있게 알려주는 패치입니다! 패치 컬러가 변하면 자외선 차단제를 덧발라주세요! 여름철 아이들의 피부를 자외선으로부터 보호해주세요!


Hear that sizzle?... That's the sound of your little beach bum getting their uv dose without a worry in the world! Introducing sunnypatch, uv-detecting stickers for sunscreen reapplication that saves the day when the sun comes out to play. Just slap one of these cheeky patches onto your kiddo's skin, and it'll transform into a sun-safety superhero faster than you can say "no more sunburns!" Safe for babies, kids, or even your great uncle bob who still thinks sunscreen is optional! Here’s how it works… Our sunpatch is crafted with a natural, uv sensitive ink that turns purple when it's time to reapply sunblock. We're talking about a patch that's smarter than your average sunflower, folks!


• Made in Australia • Weight: 1.5 oz (42.5 g)