Enamel Mug 8dl (trip to pond)


  • $27.00

Muurla’s enamelware consists of a carbon steel core that carries a double-coating of enamel. The products are durable and light. Due to these traits the items can also be used outdoors, in addition to traditional settings.

11.3 센티 뚜껑이랑 잘 맞아요! 뮬라 브랜드에서 뚜껑 찾으실수있어요!

Muurla’s enamelware is handmade and therefore appearance may slightly vary.

Capacity 8dl. Dishwasher safe. Do not put in microwave oven. diameter 9cm

Enamel is a glass-like material and it can brake if subjected to a hard hit caused by e.g. dropping. In such case, the damage becomes visible on both the inner and outer surface.