Back to Pampelonne Toothpaste


  • $9.00

Back to Pampelonne | Natural whitening toothpaste |
LEBON Back to Pampelonne is the toothpaste with natural ingredients available to create the uplifting kick needed for the day. Bring sunshine and joy to any day. A premium natural whitening toothpaste, fluoride free and toxin free. | Vegan toothpaste | LEBON Mango + Mint If your office daydreams take you to a tropical getaway on a secluded beach, then get thee Back to Pampelonne. Inspired by the legendary allure of Pampelonne beach, this vitamin-packed, mango-flavored powerhouse will bring you a few steps closer to that irie summer, once upon a time.
Composition Dominant Aromas: Mango - Vitamin-rich and sunny disposition Mint - Fresh breath 
Energy Key Ingredients: Carica Papaya Organic Aloe Vera Organic Green Tea Stevia Rebaudina Sensation Fruity +++ #vitamin #good mood #sunny #tropical Best moments Mornings and days when you have to sing in the rain.


• Made in France • Dimensions: 2.2″ x 6.7″ (5.5 x 17 cm)