Eloise poseable doll


  • $34.00

It’s easy to be drawn to this fanciful doll with movable head and limbs made of smooth vinyl, and “soooo” many details derived from the famous pink-splashed black and white illustrations of Eloise. Eloise stands tall, dressed in a white ruffled blouse accented with pearlescent buttons, black pleated skirt with buttoned suspenders, pink bloomers, soft knit socks, and black patent shoes. Eloise’s bright pink ribbon hair bow and mischievous expression are a perfect match to her cheeky personality. She is accompanied by Skipperdee on a satin leash and an over-the-shoulder purse to carry her pet turtle on endless adventures! The detailed drawing of Eloise’s hotel bedroom is printed as the backdrop in her take-along package for you and Eloise to embark on a day of pretending that you absolutely “cawn’t” resist!

Eloise Poseable Doll measures 7.5"H(19cm)