Ernie the Donut soft toy + Book set


  • $49.00

Inspired by Laurie Keller's award-winning illustrations, our Arnie the Doughnut Soft Toy is sweetly designed with hard-to-resist velour chocolate frosting and bright candy-colored sprinkles, floppy velour arms and legs, and a big appliqued smile. With embroidered eyes and a bean-filled bottom, this doughnut is ready to cuddle and cook up creativity all a-round!

Arnie the Doughnut Soft Toy measures 7.5"H


At first glance, Arnie looks like an average doughnut—round, cakey, with a hole in the middle, iced, and sprinkled. He was made by one of the best bakeries in town, and admittedly his sprinkles are candy-colored. Still, a doughnut is just a doughnut, right? WRONG! Not if Arnie has anything to say about it. And, for a doughnut, he sure has an awful lot to say. Can Arnie change the fate of all doughnuts—or at least have a hand in his own? That's really up to Mr. Bing. Who is Mr. Bing? Well, you'll just have to read this funny story and find out for yourself!