(30%off) Sun Nautic green Polarized Lenses White (Mom&Dad)


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렌즈자체로 고급인 Polarized Lenses 를 사용한 이지피지 유니섹스 선글래스 입니다. 한여름 강한 햇볕에도 눈이 아주 편하고 잘 보이는 고퀄러티 렌즈로 휴가철 물놀이나 운전시에 눈이 피곤하지 않아요. 제가 써보고 추천해드립니다 ^^


Designed for fans of water sports and driving, the #SUN Nautic, with its grey/green polarized lenses (category 3, 100% UV protection) respects natural colours, provides better contrast and protects against glare.
And as for style... Our #SUN Nautic sunglasses have a curved frame and flexible arms. Models are unisex and available in a selection of super-trendy colours.
The popular #SUN Nautic collection has established itself as an essential piece of sporty-chic eyewear!


This model complies with the international standards for sunglasses (ISO 12312-1).