Kit Kat Valentine's Day Raspberry Crème Wafer Candy Miniatures - 8.4oz

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  • $12.00


  • Contains one (1) 8.4-ounce bag of KIT KAT® Miniatures Raspberry Flavored Creme Wafer Candy Bars
  • Host a Valentine's Day candy exchange party featuring raspberry flavored creme wafer candy bars, or pull these treats into your favorite baked goods recipes for a crispy, creamy, perfectly sweet add-on
  • Kosher-certified raspberry flavored creme and wafer candy individually wrapped in festive pink packaging
  • Stuff anniversary gifts, wedding party favors and birthday candy bags with miniature KIT KAT® raspberry flavored creme wafer bars
  • The perfect raspberry flavored creme and wafer Valentine's Day candy bars for decorating, sharing and gifting
  • Top off your home snack cabinets, office candy dishes and family lunch boxes with a raspberry flavored creme and wafer candy treat


If you want a wafer treat to show how much you care on Valentine's Day, this pack of KIT KAT® raspberry flavored creme candy bars comes individually wrapped for optimal convenience, easy sharing and lasting freshness. Break a pack open and share these miniature bars with everyone to give your nearest and dearest the gift of deliciousness. These certified kosher raspberry flavored creme bars are packed in festive Valentine's Day packaging and are perfect for home and office sharing. Don't forget to hold onto a few for your Valentine's Day baking recipes. Use KIT KAT® raspberry flavored creme wafer candy bars for topping any desserts you bake for the season and watch as your recipe becomes the crowd favorite at this year's Valentine's Day party! Getting ready for your next Valentine's Day movie night? Add some KIT KAT® crispy wafer bars coated in raspberry flavored creme for an extra special touch that satisfies the whole crowd. You can snack on these wafer bars straight from the wrapper, chill them in the fridge or freezer for a cold treat or add them to your ice cream sundae toppings bar. No matter what you decide, it's bound to be a delicious success!