Gourmet Line 4 pcs set


  • $42.00

2.Palette Knife is whether to handle food during cooking or to scrape the pan, the Gourmet line spatula is the utensil that can't be missing in any kitchen.

Dimension: 27 cm

Material: Resin and molybdenium vanadium steel


3.Butter Knife is a cutlery specially designed to facilitate the task of spreading pate on breador toast. Its rounded tip and the absence of a blade serve to prevent the food from falling apart as the delicacy is spread.

Dimension: 20 cm

Material: Resin and molybdenium vanadium steel


4 Hard Cheese Knife

The Gourmet hard cheese knife cuts perfect pieces of cheese easily and quickly. Especially indicated for hard cheeses.

Dimension: Blade 2.8 "/ 7 cm; Cable 11.5 cm

Material: Resin handle; Blade: molybdenium vanadium steel