Sour Patch Kids Valentine's Exchange Bags Treat Size - 11.02oz/25ct

Valentine's day candy shop

  • $18.00


  • 25 snack packs of SOUR PATCH KIDS Soft & Chewy Valentines Day Candy
  • Chewy snacks in assorted fruit flavors that are SOUR. SWEET. GONE.
  • Fat free candy with the traditional SOUR PATCH KIDS shape for a hint of mischief
  • This SOUR THEN SWEET soft candy makes great Valentines gifts and chewy snacks for parties, holidays, movies and more
  • Individually wrapped snack packs are perfect for Valentines candy exchanges


SOUR PATCH KIDS Soft & Chewy Valentines Day Candy is the perfect way to add some mischief to your Valentine's Day. These sour candies come in signature assorted fruit flavors that create a SOUR THEN SWEET treat to satisfy your taste buds. Add a little fun to your Valentines Day gifts with the unique kid shapes that give these candies their name. This sour candy is perfect for handing out at Valentine's Day parties and candy exchanges. Keep this SOUR THEN SWEET candy on hand for a sour treat for Valentine’s Day. Each snack pack of SOUR PATCH KIDS chewy candy has "to" and "from" labels for easy gifting.