Bamboo triple jump Big (dark brown)

dragon Diffusion

  • $400.00

*입점 기념으로 각 가방에 맞는 속파우치는 무료증정됩니다. 핸드메이드 특성상 사진과 완벽하게 똑같을 수는 없습니다. 약간의 기울어짐 등은 사용하시다보면 자연스레 균형이 맞아지는 점이오니 이 등은 반품교환의 사유가 되지 못합니다. 이 점 숙지하신 후 주문 하시길 바랍니다*

Handwoven Basket,
Buffalo Calf Leather,

Dimensions :

  • Width : 19.1in / 48.5cm
  • Length : 9.1in / 23.1cm
  • Depth : 6in / 15.2cm
  • Handle drop length : 6in / 15.2cm


This is the bigger version of Dragon Diffusion’s iconic, best-selling bag—a roomy, hand-woven basket in smooth, buffalo calf leather. Handcrafted by our artisan weavers in one piece, the diagonal chevron weave is what makes this style unique. And, remaining true to traditional basket weaving techniques, the bag comes unlined with an open top. Ideal for your next beach outing or a trip to your local market.

An antiqued St. Christopher medal charm, in homage to the patron saint of travellers, is hand-sewn inside each and every Dragon Diffusion bag—our brand’s very own seal of authenticity.